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Modelling for Andeimage

Photo shoots for Andeimage
I Only take shots if I think you have potential
& agree to sign a model release.
I Will promote Photos of you on andeimage website & net.
Professional enquires, offers of work passing details to you to contact direct.
I Do Not give your contact details, Act as Agent / representative,
There is No Charge for the above.
images are for the Promotion of Model & Photographer
& Remain Copyright © Ande Wick

Client Commissions / Promotion Photoshoot for Advertising
I Only choose you if I think you are suitable for the shoot,
modelled for Andeimage before & agree to sign a model release.
I Will Pay your Fee + Expenses for photoshoot as you will be working for me.
images belong to the Client & not for use by Model or Photographer
the Client will pay an agreed fee for this.

I do not guaranty or promise you will get any modelling work
it all depends on your images being seen
by the right person, designer or Advertising Agency.

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