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Hi welcome to Andeimage

ANDE IMAGE Fashion & Style
by photographer Ande Wick.

Whats in fashion
What goes around comes around street fashions
influences Designers who create new styles,
for Dressmakers to make the garments,
Make up Artists, Stylists taking care
of Hair & Beauty. Models walk the catwalks
of London fashion week, fashion shows
around the World Milan, New York & Paris.
Fashion shoot by Photographers, portrait images
of the cover girl model on your glossy magazines
full of Designer labels, the next style & trend
the face of fashion.That New Look on the high
street, worn by you on the streets of fashion.

fashion Quotes : by Ralph Lauren
“Fashion is not necessarily about labels.
It’s not about brands. It’s about something
else that comes from within you.”

Photoshoot chic in vogue models of beauty
& glamor pose with style the Next New Look
Cosmetics Makeup & Fashion.

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Display Board ULTRA BOARD
printable recyclable alternative to foam boards
& panels. eco-friendly Ultra Board, ideal display
system, in store, shop windows & exhibitions.
If you Love the Environment your Love
ULTRA BOARD Exported World wide from UK.

DUFAYLITE Group based in the UK
Dufaylite specialise in Environmentally friendly
product solutions using honeycomb technology
for Packaging : Construction & Display.
Manufactures & Suppliers Exporting World Wide.

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